FLOWERS IN LIMBO | Luciana Moroianu

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Flowers in Limbo. Cea mai magistrală carte de poezii pe care poți să pui mâna. Scris în engleză, volumul e misterios, erotic, deplin, un pic bad, un pic dark, subtil kinky și foarte smart. Cu ilustrații sexy, black și gotice, făcute de ilustratoarea Christine Violet. O s-o adori. ❤️️

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Flowers in Limbo is, above all, about the pain of rebirth from re-used ashes. Ashes fallen from the continuous penetration of a primordial wound, born out of love’s paradox.

In Limbo, flowers lack knowledge of their identity, and the pain of blooming is but a fleeting myth. They were complacent, dancing along the thorns, bled their best taste into the teacups of starry-eyed strangers that later transformed into lovers. They gave meaning to those that only follow the rules of the Disorder.

On their way to decay, flowers die hundreds of times in between as all they know is how to rise and fall, following the Sun, all they know is how to crave like Persephone craves pomegranates in the summer.

Interstellar love affairs, cosmic connections and flames are all elements in the flower’s story through and out of Limbo, a slow and steady process of renaissance.




You are the sweetest bullet I have ever tasted,

I’m bleeding honey through my exit wound,

I was queen bee, a dethroned empress,

My heart –— the poisoned honeycomb.


In you I found oasis,

I was a thirsty flower,

And you, a cosmic rain,

An asteroid shower.


My dress is made of Saturn’s rings,

Your suit is made of stars,

I have never known a soul

As cosmic as you are.


Your mind so elegant,

Your story, oh, so sad,

Your beauty — decadent,

Your sweetness — arrogant.


And when we dance together,

The universe emerges,

Just like my passion is emerging

From the rawness of my torches.


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